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PINKIE here!

so, after a while..i decided to make a new blog to upload my posts – in which is nicer and better ^^

*) for my own security reasons, i decided to lock The Masterpost section.
if you need the password for a certain post(s), please go to Contact
~ as I will not give away the password to unlock The Masterpost anymore.

FOR SALE section – is where i selling out some photos, goods and CDs DVDs ~ please do take a look if you interested 🙂

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then…have fun!

love and peace,
Pinkie (@chibiachan26)


*)picture by Inslee.net

a blog by A.Ionapuspa

regarding Passwords [from chibiachan26]

dear all,

if you unable to find or crack the password for a certain posts, please do let me know 🙂

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rainbow cheers!